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The Resilience Project

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The Resilience Project aims to discover hidden factors that protect people from disease.

Led by the Icahn Institute for Genomics at Mount Sinai, in collaboration with Sage Bionetworks and others worldwide, we are searching for people who, according to medical textbooks, should be sick but have somehow escaped typical signs and symptoms of disease.

These people are “resilient,” protected by undiscovered genetic or environmental factors. Finding and studying these resilient individuals could pave the way to disease prevention and new treatments.


Recently, we reported the first systematic search for resilience to hundreds of childhood diseases. The largest study of its kind, this retrospective study of more than 589,000 genomes was a key first step for the Resilience Project and was performed in collaboration with researchers from 23andMe, BGI, the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research, and other institutions. Click here to view the full study published in Nature Biotechnology in April 2016.

Perhaps you, or someone you know, are resilient to disease. With your help, we aim to expand the search for resilient individuals. By studying massive numbers of people for this rare trait, we hope to discover new insights that reduce the burden of disease.

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